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Who Are We 

We are believers of Change and the human resolve to bring it. We believe good sartorial choices can be made without sacrificing our environment, health or ethics. This is how Lake Peace came into being- with our founder's quest to find clothing for herself that was safe as it was comfortable and with a simple promise to herself to create Cleaner, Compassionate & more Conscious fashion for women like her across the globe.

We work with Organic Cotton, a humble plant-based fiber cultivated without the use of harmful insecticides & nasty chemicals, thereby, promoting  biodiversity and biological cycles and thus, making not only for a great wear but for a better planet too. Our crafts & our artisans are equally important to us.  We therefore, also extensively work with handwoven textiles, that are traditionally woven on handloom by skilled artisans. All fabrics are carefully dyed with low-impact dyes that are gentle on the skin.

We create our fashion Slow and release limited seasonal collections of inspired classics made with high quality materials and craftsmanship. Every piece is crafted to exude a timeless elegance and is as unique and versatile as it is comfortable.  Each Lake Peace garment is thoughtfully designed for free movement and responsibly manufactured to leave minimal environmental footprint.

We create with Compassion and are a PETA Approved Vegan brand. We  take great care in ensuring that no innocent being has to suffer or die in making our clothing. We have pledged 5% of all sales made on our website to animal welfare through FIAPO, India's apex animal rights organisation. 


To transform how we make our clothes- for our bodies, our planet and our farmers.

We want to change how people view and consume fashion. We want to change the disposable nature of fashion to one that values all that goes in creating a piece of timeless beauty. It is no secret that fashion is one of the most polluting industries today. Synthetic fibers are not only more energy intensive but also non-biodegradable, utilize toxic chemicals in their manufacturing and eventually eat away at our health and environment. Conventionally grown non-organic cotton on the other hand uses upto 25% of all agricultural insecticides  and utilizes nasty chemicals, often carcinogenic during its manufacturing, all of which finally end up on our bodies and our ecosystems.

There’s also a human cost to conventional cotton. Consider the effect pesticides have on farmers and their families as they breathe them in while applying them or while picking the cotton by hand. We could not ignore this. Our methods and materials needed a change. And so we did. By choosing organic fabrics and responsible manufacturing practices, we do better not only for our environment but for our health and the well-being of our cultivators too.

To make organic clothing accessible 

There are many misconceptions when it comes to Organic Clothing- the biggest being- 'It's an elitist fad, only to be found in select upmarket stores'. Well, no more. Anytime you think organic clothing, we want you to look to us. We believe everyone deserves cleaner and healthier clothing and experience the good organic clothing can do our bodies and our planet.We want to make clean and healthy clothing accessible to every women willing to make a switch without thinking twice about where to find it. 

To create with compassion

What could be cruel about clothing you may ask? Behind the sheen of  silk, warmth of wool, and the opulence of furs and fancy animal hides is a violent and inhumane manufacturing chain. Not to mention completely unnecessary, given all the amazing cruelty-free and vegan materials available today. Consumers have been mislead to think that many of these cruel  fabrics are necessary, irreplaceable or of better quality, all the while playing down on the torture, abuse and suffering the animals have to endure for a single piece to be produced. No piece of clothing is worth someone's right to live. And so we have pledged to create clothing which is kind to every kind. 

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As a vegan brand, we take it upon us to do go beyond creating cruelty-free and compassionate clothing. We consider our non-human friends equally deserving of a right to live and thrive with dignity. We have partnered up with FIAPO, India's apex animal rights organisation and 5% of every purchase made on our website is donated to FIAPO towards carrying out its animal rights & welfare campaigns across India.

To know more about FIAPO & its work, click here .

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No GMO seeds. No harmful pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. 

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All packaging  either 100% biodegradable or made from recycled materials.

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Responsible sourcing and fair trade practices.

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100% Cruelty- free. No animals based materials. 

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Hypoallergenic and breathable natural fabrics. Free from carcinogenic dyes, heavy metals and nasty chemicals.

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No petroleum based synthetics. No harmful chemicals leaching into water bodies. 100% Biodegradable fabrics.