About Us

Who We Are

We are believers of change and the human resolve to bring it. We believe sartorial choices need not be at the cost of our environment, ethics or health. We weave together style and sustainability into timeless pieces of clothing that is as practical and comfortable as it is beautiful.

We work with Organic Cotton, a humble plant based miracle fiber that not only makes for great wear but for a better planet too. And no innocent being has to suffer or die in making it.

Rather than churning quick collections based on fashion fads, we create simple basics and inspired classics which are versatile, easy to wear and of high quality. All our pieces are thoughtfully designed and responsibly manufactured to leave minimal environmental footprint. 

At Lake Peace, we believe that making conscious ethical choices should not be difficult, out of reach or only for a few. Everyday, we work to create a beautiful and affordable alternatives for anyone who wishes to make the switch. 

Our Mission

To transform how we make our clothes- for our bodies, for our environment, for the animals and for the people growing and processing them.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry globally. Synthetic fibers are not only much more energy intensive but also non-biodegradable, utilize toxic chemicals in their manufacturing and processing and eventually eat away our health and ecosystems. Non organic conventionally grown cotton on the other hand uses upto 25% of all agricultural insecticides and utilizes nasty dyes and chemicals in its processing & manufacturing, all of which finally ends up on our skin and our water bodies.

By choosing organic cotton and responsible manufacturing practices, we make a commitment to do better for ourselves and our environment every single day.

To make organic clothing affordable and accessible

It's only for the activist types, it's only for the rich, it's an elitist fad, it looks bland, where do you even get it- we hear atleast some or all of these every time it comes up in a conversation. We are here to change these very perceptions. We want to make organic available and affordable to every single person because making a better choice shouldn't be complicated.

To inspire change

We don't just see ourselves as a fashion brand but a collective movement towards taking responsibility and action towards a better planet. We want to lead the way for individuals and organisations to transform how they view, create and consume fashion.